Akimbo Esports

We are an up-and-coming esports organization based out of the United States. You can view our current esports teams below:

Counter-Strike (0 members)
Old, but gold. Meet the players that will be competing for our Counter-Strike division.

(2 members)
The new kid on the block. Meet the personalities of our Valorant division.

DenaliTH streamer

sk8 creator

(2 members)
The best battle royal. Meet the talent that will be playing for our Apex Legends division.

deckhart creator

BaldieBih streamer

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email or direct message us on Twitter. We are new to the esports scene and are greatly interested in any feedback or suggestions. We are extremely excited to see what great things Akimbo can accomplish!

Contact us,
[email protected] or @akimboes